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Review for Rick and Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage
Rick and Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage is funny and well written. It uses the Bible as the basis for many marriage concerns. I had never heard of Rick and Bubba before but they are hilarious and use many of their real life situations to make their points. I do have to admit that I am not married so some things aren't as relevant to me as they might be to someone else. Also, I think this book is more geared toward a man, this is probably because it is written by men! This doesn't mean a woman would not enjoy it, I did, but some things are just more for the guys in this book.
 The book has lots of jokes and comedic situations sprinkled throughout, makes for a interesting and quick read. I, an unmarried girl, told many of the jokes and situations to my (married) parents who found them funny especially my mother. Guess it takes a woman to find "Rick and Bubba's Shopping List" funny!
 Rick and Bubba have been married for 33 years between them and each has several children, so they've lots of experience in both marriage and parenthood. They conquer lots of topics such as apologizing (The Ten Worst Ways to Say I'm Sorry), communication (Grunting Is Not a Language), and date nights (Worst Date Nights in History). 
 Sound good? Need a new and funny marriage book? Go check this out!

Family Chapter Two
 Teal'c was angry. Angry at himself and angry at the rebels." I should not have allowed Cassandra to come." he told Mitchell. The two were walking ahead of the SG team, following tracks and markings that marked the direction the rebels had gone.
 "She knew what she signed up for. Probably better then most do."
 "O'Neill will not see it that way. Neither will Carter."
 "Oh, see, that is your problem. Not the rebels, not the fact Cassandra got hurt. You don't want to have to explain to General O'Neill."
 "There is nothing to explain."
 "No, there isn't. Some idiots decided to open fire on the innocent. You had no way of knowing it was going to happen."
 "I was in charge of Cassandra. I should have protected her better."
 Mitchell snorted, thinking of the stubborn redhead. "I seriously doubt she would let you. That is one stubborn chick."
 "She is not a chicken."
 "Not hardly. If she wasn't studying to be a doctor, she'd make a fine Air Force officer."
 "Carter wanted her to do so. Cassandra did not want to. She wished to become a doctor like her mother."
 "A very fine thing." Mitchell agreed. "He suddenly stopped. "Listen."
 Teal'c stopped and listened. Faintly they could hear men, talking and laughing.
 "It sounds like the rebels." Teal'c said softly.
 "Exactly what I was thinking." Mitchell agreed. "Let's go." He alerted the SG team behind them to where they were headed.


It wasn't easy but by pulling a few strings and calling an old buddy, Jack managed to get a flight to Colorado in a relatively short amount of time.
 "Aren't you going to need some clothes?" he asked Sam when he noticed she carried nothing more then her purse.
 "It would take too long to pack and then we'd have to check bags, it would just take too long.." Sam answered.
 "Okay. We'll just buy clothes then." Jack shrugged. They were both worried, despite Daniel's claims they shouldn't be, to care what they were wearing anyway.
 "Don't forget your credit card." Sam said, making sure the front door was locked as they left.
 "Got it. Why?"
 "I want to call Daniel from the plane, check up on Cassie."
 "Okay. We'll do that." Jack agreed, wondering why she couldn't just use her own. Not that it mattered, he'd gladly pay the outrageous sum for the call and more for her and Cassie.


 Back at the SGC, Daniel had kept vigil by Cassie's bed for the past few hours. Across from him, Vala sat, uncharacteristically quiet.
 "They're gonna come." she broke her silence.
 "Oh, I know. I just hope it is soon. Sam means a lot to Cassie and I know it would be good for her to wake up and find Sam here."
 "Oh, you mean nothing to the girl? Then why have you spent the last," Vala checked her watch, "three hours sitting here watching her sleep?"
 "Of course I mean something to her. It's just that Sam and Cassie have a special relationship, especially since Janet died."
 "Janet was Cassandra's mother, right?"
 "Yes." Just then, Daniel's phone rang. "It's from a plane, probably Jack or Sam." he told Vala before answering. "Daniel Jackson."
 "Hey, it's Sam." Sam's voice sounded odd through the plane's phone.
 "She hasn't woke up yet. Dr. Lam says it's fine, there isn't anything to worry about."
 "Daniel, it was a staff blast and a concussion, plus stitches. Don't tell me she's fine."
 "Sam, she is. She had a vest, the blast didn't hit her directly, falling on the rocks probably saved her life."
 "Just stay with her til I get there, okay?" Sam sounded close to tears, something Daniel did not know how to deal with.
 "I will, I promise. Cassie will not wake up alone."
 "Thanks." she sighed. "This phone call is costing a fortune already so I'll go now. We'll be there in an hour or so."
 "Okay. You want me to send someone to the airport?"
 "That'd be great. We're flight 107, Delta. Hold on a second." Daniel could hear whispering between her and Jack. "Gate 95."
 "Okay, got it. See you soon." They hung up.
 "Cassie will be fine til they get here. She's asleep, doesn't know anything." Vala remarked.
 "I know." Daniel shifted in the chair. "Rather uncomfortable chairs, aren't they?"
 "I don't think they're meant for keeping vigil." Dr. Lam said, coming to check on Cassandra.
 "I don't think any hospital chairs are meant for that. How is she doing?"
 "Her vitals are good. I'd expect her to wake up within an hour or two."
 "Good. Sam and Jack might even be here by then."
 "Hello?" A new voice startled them all. "I know it's late, I'm sorry, but I just got back from offworld. I heard that Cassandra Fraiser was in the infirmary?"
 "Yeah. Who are you?" Daniel asked.
 "I know you!" Vala exclaimed. "Well, I don't know you, know you but I saw you last week with Cassie. She has good taste." she whispered the last sentence to Daniel.
 "You're dating Cassie?" Daniel said. "She never mentioned it."
 "Kind of hard to when you've been asleep for four hours." Vala commented.
 Daniel shot her a glance and turned to the young man in the doorway. "Who are you?" he repeated the original question.
 "Oh! I'm Major Matt Grey." he said. "And Vala is sort of right. Cassie and I have gone out a couple times. Not sure if you'd really classify that as dating but I really like her and she's a nice girl. Is she all right?"
 Dr. Lam quietly spoke to Daniel, "Major Grey is a nice guy. He won't stay if you don't want him to or think it'll be a problem."
 "It isn't me you should worry about, it's Jack." Daniel responded, not sure what to think about this latest development. "I'm sure Cassie will be glad to know you've come by. She should wake up soon. Maybe you'd like to sit with her a moment and allow me to get a cup of coffee?"
 The two women started at him. "Daniel, you have refused to leave that chair for hours. If I had known all it would take is a hot young guy, well," Vala said.
 "Well, he is Cassie's boyfriend."
 "Not quite. We're not officially dating yet. I want to, but she says I have to meet General O'Neill first." Major Grey looked rather pale at that.
 Daniel didn't try to hide a smile. "Good luck with that." he patted the major on the shoulder as he left the room.
 Vala hurried after him. "Daniel, what if she wakes up with him? You promised Sam Cassie wouldn't wake up alone." She caught with him halfway down the hall.
 "And she wouldn't be. As you put it a, and I quote here, hot young guy will be with her."
 "Daniel, I shouldn't think Cassie will like that."
 "Well, it is one thing by choice and entirely another when you're in one of those hideous hospital gowns with your hair all messed up and a big bandaid on your head. Not to mention Sam will kill you for it."
 "Oh." Daniel considered this for a minute. "You're right. Sam will kill me if Cassie doesn't first." he pivoted around and marched back down the hall toward the infirmary.
 "What about your coffee?" Vala called after him.
 "You get it! Black and strong!" Daniel was a man on a mission.

Family (tentative title)
 Teal'c stepped through the gate. In his arms lay a bloody unconscious Cassandra.
 The gateroom fell silent for a moment, then commotion resumed. "Get Dr. Lam down here" "Medical team,stat!"
 Slowly Teal'c walked down the ramp, careful not to jostle the young woman in his arms anymore then he had to. He stood at the foot of the gate ramp only a moment before the medical team came rushing in, Dr. Lam right behind them. Behind her Daniel was running,too.
 Teal'c lowered Cassandra onto the waiting stretcher. "Rebel Jaffa attacked the settlement. I am afraid she was hit with a staff blast. She hit her head when she fell." he explained to Dr. Lam.
 She nodded in acknowledgement and followed the team back into the infirmary to care for her new patient.
 "Teal'c!" Daniel exclaimed, noting the blood, Cassandra's blood, across the front of his friend's shirt. "What happened? And where's Mitchell?"
 "We were attacked by a band of rebel Jaffa. Colonel Mitchell held them off so I could bring Cassandra through the gate. I must go back and help him."
 "Teal'c, what happened with Cassie?" Daniel asked.
 Teal'c bowed his head and then looked up. "While we were under fire, I am afraid Cassandra Fraiser took a hit from a staff blast. She was wearing a vest but still fell from the impact and hit her head. I could not stop the bleeding from the wounds. That is why Mitchell stayed behind, so to distract the rebels from our escape. I must go back and help him."
 "Stand down, Teal'c." General Landry's voice came over the intercom. "I want to send a team with you."
 "Very well. Ask them to hurry, Mitchell may need our assistance quickly."
 "I so do not want to be the one to call Sam and Jack about this," Daniel muttered, moving out of the way of the assembling SG team. "Good luck, Teal'c!" he called out.

soo, my first SG1 fic. what do you think> i have more written but can't type that fast! i would really appreciate comments on this!
 "Thank you, Daniel Jackson." Teal'c stepped back through the gate, the SG team following.
 Daniel headed down the hallway toward the infirmary. He was thinking of how he should tell Sam and Jack when he bumped into Vala.
 "Oh, hi!" she said brightly. "I've already been to the infirmary to see your little friend, Cassie, is it? She's doing just fine, the doctor is stitching her up now. I just couldn't stay for that, you know. Needles poking in and out of flesh, how awful. Luckily the girl is still sleeping so I don't think she minds too much but I do."
 "Yes. Oh, I was talking too much again, wasn't I? I'm sorry, Daniel, that is just the way I am."
 "Will you please move out of my way?" They stood in front of the infirmary.
 "Well, I can but I told you what they're doing in there." Vala made a face and moved out of his way.
 Daniel stepped into the room. Nurses were rushing around the room in an almost perfect ballet. In the middle, seemingly center stage, Dr. Lam worked on her patient, her hands almost doing their own dance as they worked swiftly to close the wounds on Cassie's head, and another smaller but deeper one from the staff blast on her arm. She looked up when she sensed him approaching.
 "Cassie will be fine. It wasn't a direct hit, but still got her pretty good on the upper arm.
 What about her head?" Daniel gently stroked Cassie's long red hair.
 "She hit it hard. We've done a scan, it's a concussion, a bad one, but I still expect her to wake up in a couple hours. There's no internal bleeding that I can see. Most of the external bleeding was from the head, but I've stopped it."
 Daniel breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, that's good news, I can call Sam and Jack with that."
 "They're still going to be here on the next flight out of Dulles." Dr. Lam remarked.
 "True. But I was really dreading having to make the call. Now I'm going to start off with the good news."
 "Good idea." Dr. Lam agreed.
 "She'll be all right for a few minutes while I make the call?"
 "Yeah. I'll page you if she wakes up and you're not here. I don't think she will for a while though."
 Daniel nodded his thanks and ducked in the hallway. He thought it would be best to make the call in his office so no one else would need to hear Jack shouting into the phone from two thousand miles away.


The phone rang just as Sam and Jack were sitting down for a late lunch. Jack started to ignore it then saw the caller id. "It's the SGC," he told Sam before answered. "Hello?"
 "Jack?" Daniel said.
 "You did call my house, who else would answer?"
 "I was kinda hoping Sam would." was the muttered answer.
 "You can talk to her if you like. You also could've just called her phone instead of mine."
 "Jack, this is important. It's about Cassandra."
 "Cassie? She's off with Teal'c, practicing her newfound medical skills on some poor Jaffa."
 "No, Jack, she's not." Daniel took a deep breath. "Maybe you should get Sam on the other phone, so I don't have to repeat myself."
 "Already done." Sam joined the conversation. "What's up with Cassie?"
 "Daniel took another deep breath. "She's going to be fine. In fact, she should wake up in a little bit and you can talk to her yourselves."
 Silence from the other end. Then, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, WHEN SHE WAKES UP?!" Jack's voice thundered into Daniel's ear.
 "Daniel, what happened?" Sam demanded, sounding close to tears, Cassandra was like a daughter to her after all.
 "Teal'c and Cassie, along with Mitchell, were out on PXR-245, in a remote free Jaffa village when the rebels attacked. From what I understand when they came under fire they made a run for the gate. Cassie got hit," he stopped when he heard Sam begin to cry, "She's fine! It wasn't a direct hit! It hurt her arm and she hit her head when she fell but she's fine! Dr. Lam said she'll wake up soon with not much more then a headache and a sore arm."
 "We're coming." Jack stated. "When she wakes up, tell her we're on our way." he hung up.
 Sam remained on the line. "Is she really all right, Daniel?"
 "Dr. Lam seems to think so. Just a concussion, it's a bad one, but the doctor seems sure it's not going to be a problem. Her arm was hit, but not a direct hit. It's painful but not life threatening. You don't need to worry." Daniel tried to reassure her.
 "I'm going to anyway. Janet would've so I'm doing it for her,too. Stay with Cassie til we get there, will you?"
 "Of course. Vala's in there now, I think. Cassie won't wake up alone, Sam."
 "Thanks. We'll be there as soon as we can."

An Atlantis Christmas 2/2
 sorry for the delay - i've had it written for a while but lost the notebook it was in! finally found it in my brother's school stuff (why does he need MY notebook anyway???) so here it is!

 Rodney walked away from Jennifer, feeling a little confused and upset with himself. He had gotten what she was saying, at least, he thought he had. She was homesick, missing her father and all the holiday hoopla she was used to.
 "Well," he thought, "I can't take her home but maybe I can bring home to her."
 "What did you say, Rodney?" Radek Zelenka asked.
 "Hmm? Oh, nothing, nothing." he sputtered. If Zelenka ever heard of his holiday plans, there'd never been peace in the lab again. "Actually, I'm going to take a break, Radek. See you later." With that, Rodney strolled out of the lab, hands in his pockets, thinking.
 Zelenka stared after him. "But Rodney, you don't take breaks! And you just got here!" he called, shaking his head. "Jennifer certainly has changed that man." he muttered as he went back to work.
 Rodney was on a personal mission as he charged down the hall. "If Jennifer wants snow, then she'll get snow," he decided. "Surely somewhere in Pegasus, there is a planet with snow." He turned into the control room. "All I have to do is find one."
 It took him the better part of the next two hours to find one they'd actually been to and wasn't overrun with Wraith or just an ice planet.
 "P3X-959," he said, writing it down.
 "What's that?" Chuck asked.
 "Hmm? Oh, just a planet."
 "Okay. You going there now?"
 "No, no, no, not yet. Have to clear it with Sheppard first." Sheppard was in charge of Atlantis for the next few weeks while Woolsey was on Earth doing reviews, a fact that made Rodney very happy. Sheppard would probably tease him but he was certain this jaunt would be allowed although if he had been dealing with Woolsey, he wasn't so sure.
 "You want to do what?" Sheppard's smile was literally ear to ear.
 Rodney sighed and repeated himself. "Jennifer misses the snow and ice and all that a Wisconsin Christmas entails. I want to take her to P3X-959 because there is snow there."
 Sheppard laughed again. "Okay. Have fun."
 "We'll be back tomorrow."
 After some more joking around, Rodney was finally on his way to P3X-959 to set up his winter wonderland for Jennifer.
 It was cold on the planet. "Check one," he said to himself. "Snow and ice, checks two and three." The planet was also pretty much empty except for a small community about fifty miles south of the gate. He figured no one would mind too terribly much if he parked a Jumper for a little while.
 Rodney hummed to himself as he worked. The two hours he had asked Sheppard for passed quickly as he worked. When the gate came to life, it startled him. "You ready for her?" Sheppard's disembodied voice came through the gate's horizon.
 "As ready as I can get it." Rodney felt immensely proud of himself and a little nervous. He had never thought he had a romantic bone in his body but tonight, tonight proved otherwise. However, he was nervous she might think it all too silly instead of romantic like he'd hoped.
 "Okay, here she comes." Sheppard spoke again. It was well after working hours in Atlantis and the gateroom would be mostly empty which Rodney was glad for. Less people to watch his attempt at being romantic.
 Jennifer stepped through the gate, hands covering her eyes. "Rodney, you are here, right?"
 "Yes of course."he stepped forward to her side. "Open your eyes."
 She gasped as she saw what Rodney had done. "You, you." she said, shocked.
 There was a six foot Santa he had pilfered from the botany lab and a plastic Nativity scene taken from the infirmary. He hoped she hadn't noticed it was missing. There were lights strung around the Jumper and a few surrounding tress, one of which looked something like a pine tree. There was a small Christmas tree with twinkling lights blinking on and off inside the Jumper with a few gifts piled underneath.
 "Does it look like Chippewa Falls?" he asked, hopefully.
 "It does." she looked around some more. "Thank you, Rodney."
 "Oh,well, it was nothing."
 "Yes, it is." She turned and threw her arms around him and gave him a big kiss.
 "I got you presents,too. They're in the Jumper." he told her, still nervous.
 Jennifer smiled. "Let's go see them."

well, what did y'all think? i think rodney is a bit out of character but truthfully i see him doing something like this. he's the kind of guy that likes to make his girl happy. after all, he did alter the entire timeline just to save her!!

NCIS Los Angeles Premiere
Well, the series started off with a bang! Literally! It opens on a gunfight between the LAPD and the bad guys. And who's caught in the middle but a Navy guy?
 I liked the opening credits - except the credits are missing! It just has a jazzy tune and the words NCIS Los Angeles. Still, seeing how it is the pilot episode this may change.
 The offices of the NCIS headquarters don't look anything like the ones from the flagship show. However, you can see the floor planning is similar - nothing else is!
 I do like the characters. Each one has their part to play in the team, you can't switch them around, just like the original characters. Some of them are based loosely off the originals such as Eric who seems to be half Abby and half Ducky. Hopefully they will develop into their own characters instead of relying on the originals.
 All in all excellent episode :)

An Atlantis Christmas 1/2
 Someone had decorated the gateroom with garlands and red beads. Jennifer Keller found this funny since, with one look out the window, you could see it didn't look like Christmas. At least, not her idea of Christmas. No snow, no ice (well, okay,she could live without the ice), no cold weather. No one wore anything heavier then the standard issue jacket. It just wasn't the same, which is what she was trying to explain to Rodney McKay.
"Well, so what?" he was, as usual, clueless. And yet, somehow, that was one of the things she loved about him.
 "It doesn't feel like Christmas either. I mean, I know we've got decorations and a Secret Santa and all but it just doesn't feel like Christmas."
 "Well, this planet is on a different orbit around its sun then Earth is, which is why it isn't winter here. And even if it was, this planet is closer to its sun then Earth so there is no winter like on Earth." Rodney explained, scooping up more of the mac and cheese that made up the lunch special of the day.
 "Rodney, I know that! That really wasn't the point!" Sometimes, the fact she had to explain everything drove Jennifer crazy.
 "Oh, okay." Rodney shrugged.
 "It's just that I like Christmas. I like the decorations, the lights, the snow, even the stupid six foot blowup Santa my dad puts up every year. I know we've got decorations and all but somehow, since I had to do Christmas shopping in August, it doesn't feel Christmassy."
 "That reminds me. Did I buy Madison something?"
 "Yes, you did. A Gabriella and Troy gift set."
 "Do I need to know what that is?"
 "Not really. Just know she'll be thrilled."
 "Good. Jeannie wanted to know if I had bought anything and I didn't know if you had or not."
 "I did. It's fun shopping for little girls."
 "I hate shopping."
 "I know. That's why I did it for you."
 "Thank you."
 "You're welcome."
 "Now, what were you saying before? About Christmas?"
 "You know what? Never mind. It doesn't matter." Jennifer said, a little frustrated. As much as she loved him, Rodney could be dense sometimes.

This part is from Jennifer's POV, the next one will be Rodney's. I actually did write this at Christmastime last year :)  but just now found it an old notebook.

Late Nights and Mozart
 Title: Late Nights and Mozart
 Author: SadieKate
 Summary: It's Rodney and his daughter, on their own for one night.
 A/N: Spoilers thru the series finale, and I own nothing unless 2 seasons on dvd count (actually I have 4 but 2 belong to my brother)

 The baby was crying. Rodney McKay was trying to sleep. His wife apparently was able to sleep through Merry's increasingly louder wails.
 "Jennifer, go get the baby." he mumbled, patting her side of the bed. "Jennifer!" he said, a little louder, when he couldn't find his wife in bed. Then he remembered she had taken a nightshift and wasn't in their quarters at all.
 Rodney groaned and rolled out of bed. The baby's crib was tucked into a tiny alcove by the window, which was cracked open.
 "Meredith Rose McKay, it is two in the morning. You should be asleep. I should be asleep. Now go to sleep." He stood over the crib, looking down at the little girl who was clad in a pink fleece sleepsuit. Vaguely, he remembered Jeannie had sent it though he didn't know why that mattered at two in the morning.
 Merry continued wailing. "Oh, come on, kid." Rodney sighed and reached into the crib to pick her up. "You have to go back to sleep. Your mother will not be happy to come in and find us awake. Me, maybe. You, not so much." Merry quieted as he talked to her. "You weren't alone in here, little girl. No, you weren't. Daddy would never do that to you. There is always someone here. Daddy or Mommy or Teyla or John or Ronon, one of them will always be in here with you."
 The baby snuggled into his arms. She looked like Jennifer, he decided but she definitely had his eyes. "It's a good thing you look like your mommy. Mommy is very pretty and so are you." Rodney realized he felt like an idiot talking baby talk and crooning like a fool. On the other hand, maybe it was just what dads did at two in the morning. He liked that theory.
 "All right now, we're going to come over here to the big bed and lay down. You're going to shut those pretty brown blink'ems and let Daddy sleep,too." Slowly he got back in bed, holding the baby in one hand and pulling the covers over them both with the other. "See, isn't this nice, Merry? You and me, sleeping when Mommy comes home." Merry cooed and kicked her feet. "No, sleepytime now. Playtime later." Rodney tucked the blanket around his daughter. "Another thing, Merry, no more crying like tonight. You've probably woke up the entire city of Atlantis, which come to think of it, is quite a feat for someone who can't even roll over but it needs to stop. Some people actually like to sleep. Like Daddy. Daddy likes to sleep. You like to sleep,too." he pleaded with her.
 Merry just blinked and cooed again. "Meredith Rose, don't make me call Mommy. She'll never let me forget I couldn't handle you for one night. So please, please go back to sleep." An idea struck him and he moved her closer to the middle of the bed. "How about some music? One of those baby cds your Aunt Jeannie sent you?" Briefly, he wondered where Jennifer kept them but then he spotted a familiar white case sitting next to the cd player Jeannie had also sent with the cds and sleepsuit.
 "You stay there. Daddy will be right back." Rodney hurried over to the cd player, inserted Baby Mozart and pressed play. Soft classical music began to fill the room. "There, Merry, just like Mommy does for your naps. Now, can we go back to sleep?"
 Merry began to fuss and Rodney went back to the bed. "You don't need a diaper change, you aren't hungry, and it is very late, little girl. Let's go back to sleep, shall we?"
 He pulled her close to him, her tufts of brown hair sticking up and tickling his chin. He smoothed them down. "We're gonna have to tell Mommy to get you some ribbons of something for your head, okay?" he mumbled sleepily as they dozed off together.
 When Jennifer came to their quarters a few hours later, she found daddy and daughter, curled up together, Mozart still playing in the background. She just sighed, kicked off her shoes and joined the two in the bed. It had been a long night for everyone.

brownie recipe
do you have an omelet maker? did you know you can make things other then omelets in your omelet maker? well, you can! in fact, here is a simple brownie recipe you can make in your omelet maker (it makes a great midnight snack!)!

1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup cocoa
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons butter or oil (i prefer it with butter, more fudgy. oil makes a more cake like brownie)
dash salt

mix ingredients. spoon into well of omelet maker - this can make one big brownie or two smaller ones. bake for about 10 minutes for the smaller brownies and 15 for the bigger ones. then eat!   well, you might want to let it cool a bit first :)  and don't forget the milk!!

my log cabin afghan

this is my log cabin afghan. i used lion brand homespun, joann sensations chenille, mohair i found on clearance at michaels, and some glittery yarn my grandma sent me,and a lot of random acrylic stuff that i'm not sure what it was but it looked nice :)
 i did not follow a set color pattern but my only "requirement" was that the same color couldn't touch the same color. it did end up with sort of a color pattern, with earth tones on one side, pinks and purples on another, black, white, and red on one, and the last side was pastels.also, my other requirement was that i wanted the border to be all the same so i bought two skeins of grey simply soft. i played on the side of safety - could've used just one!  i think it turned out great! it is about 49 x 36, which is a bit smaller then i'd wanted but it is still a good size.
 here is another, more close up picture:

you can almost see the beads in the chenille here. and the beige next to the blue is the glitter stripe.
and because this is my blog, i am going to put another picture on here :)

this one sort of shows you how big it is. you can really see the log cabin pattern in this one tho.

animal patterns
katie the kitty
that is just dang cute! and i have a thing with buying boa and fun fur yarn so i might just have enough for this cute kitty!

petey the puppy
and here is a friend for katie :)


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